Member types and qualifications

Society members are those who agree with the purpose of the corporation, submit a prescribed membership form, and obtain approval from the board of directors in the following four categories. However, honorary and special members are recommended by the chairman and appointed with the consent of the board of directors. Each member's qualifications are as follows.

① Member:

A person with an academic background of at least a four-year university, or two years or more of practical experience after graduating from a two-year university, or a person with an equivalent qualification

② Student members:

Those who are enrolled in or equivalent to a university or two-year university in the field targeted by this corporation.

③ Special member:

An individual, corporation, or organization that agrees with the purpose of this corporation and provides financial cooperation

④ Honorary Member:

A person who has a special achievement in the field targeted for this corporation and has made a great contribution to the development of the legal person.

⑤ Library members:

Libraries of universities, institutions or organizations that regularly subscribe to various publications such as academic journals, books, and technical information magazines published by this corporation.

Qualification of thesis submitter

Both submitters and co-authors must be regular members of this society. Also, you must be a regular member who has paid the annual fee.

Member rights and obligations

All members except honorary members have the rights and obligations set forth in these articles of association by paying a prescribed dues. However, honorary members, special members and student members may attend and speak at the general meeting, but they do not have the right to vote or be elected, and receive all benefits by participating in all other events of this society.


Members can withdraw arbitrarily. However, the procedure for withdrawal is determined by the rules of this corporation.

Membership suspension and expulsion

If a member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the membership may be suspended or expelled after a resolution by the board of directors.

① When dues are overdue for more than 1 year

② When you violate your obligations as a member of this corporation

③ When an act that damages the reputation of this corporation or violates the purpose of this corporation

④ Withdrawal

⑤ Confinement of incompetence and limited birth

⑥ Death, disappearance and dissolution of the group

Membership registration procedure

Please use the online membership registration on the society's website to apply for membership.

① Individual members such as regular members, student members, honorary members, etc.-Select [individual] when registering as a member

② Corporate (special) members and group members such as library members-Select [corporation] when signing up for membership

-Depending on the classification of the member, the admission fee is as follows.

① Full member: Admission fee 50,000 won, annual fee 50,000 won-Total 100,000 won

② Student members: admission fee 50,000 won, annual fee 30,000 won-total 80,000 won

③ Corporate (special) member: Corporate annual membership fee payment

④ Library members: KRW 300,000,000

Admission fee payment

① Homepage online payment

② Account payment

· Bank: 1010-1609-9628 / Korea Institute of Ecological and Environmental Architecture / Suhyup Bank

-When making a deposit, be sure to write your name (or group name).

Refund policy

① Annual fee

-After signing up as a member, when requesting a refund on the day of payment: Full refund

-When requesting to change payment method: Full refund

② Lifetime membership fee

-When requesting a refund within 1 week after payment: Full refund

-After payment, when requesting a refund within 1 week to 1 month: Half refund

-When requesting a refund after 1 month after payment: No refund

③ Pre-registration fee

-If a refund is requested up to 1 day before the academic conference: Full refund

Membership Join

If you wish to join the Society from overseas, please contact the Society Administrator for registration procedures by email.